Designing a dry cleaning service website for modern times

This project recap highlights the website design for an on-demand laundry service based in the UAE. As a market leader, the company required a website that showcased their innovative, customer-first, tech-enabled approach. The objective was to disrupt the untapped market by transforming doing laundry into a satisfying experience. The website aimed for transparency and optimization for conversions, specifically encouraging app installs.

Design Goals

Innovative and Customer-First Approach: The website aimed to communicate Washmen’s innovative and customer-centric values, highlighting their unique approach to on-demand laundry services.

Tech-Enabled Experience: The design emphasized Washmen’s use of technology to provide a seamless and efficient laundry service, setting them apart from traditional and outdated methods.

Disruption in the Market: The website aimed to position the company as a disruptor in the untapped laundry market, showcasing their ability to revolutionize the industry and make doing laundry a satisfying chore.

Increased app installs and first-time orders: The design prioritized app installs, which allow the users to quickly and easily send their laundry items for cleaning.

Project Execution

Research and Brand Strategy: Thorough market research and understanding of the target audience's needs and pain points were conducted to inform the design strategy and brand positioning.

Visual Identity and User Interface Design: The website's visual identity was developed to reflect Washmen’s innovative and customer-first approach. A clean and modern user interface was designed, with a focus on intuitive navigation and visually engaging elements.

Transparent Pricing and Services: Clear and transparent pricing models, service descriptions, and turnaround times were displayed prominently, building trust and providing users with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Conversion Optimization: Call-to-action buttons and app install prompts were strategically placed throughout the website to encourage users to take action. A user-friendly app installation process was implemented to streamline the conversion funnel.

Responsive Design and Performance Optimization: The website was built on Webflow with a responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices. Performance optimization techniques were implemented to enhance loading speed and overall user experience.


The website design project for the on-demand laundry service effectively communicated the company's innovative and customer-first values while disrupting the untapped market. The website's transparent approach, optimized for conversion and streamlined ordering process, facilitated a satisfying experience for users. By strategically placing call-to-action buttons and prompts, the project successfully drove app installs and encouraged users to take action. Overall, the website design achieved its objectives, positioning the company as a leader in the market and revolutionizing the perception of laundry as an enjoyable and hassle-free chore.

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