Designing an onboarding flow for first-time conversion

The primary objective of this product design initiative was to increase first-time orders on our platform, thereby improving customer acquisition rates.


Our hypothesis was that promoting the starter kit delivery option would boost its usage, thus acting as a catalyst for increasing first orders. Data analysis revealed that 72% of new sign-ups who ordered a starter kit went on to place their first order. By prioritizing the starter kit order as the initial action on our app, we aimed to encourage users to make their first purchase.

Design Implementation

To enhance the starter kit's impact and streamline onboarding, we added a prominent onboarding header section to our app homepage. This section served as an educational tool, highlighting key features and prompting users to order the starter kit. Previously, our platform relied on a limited number of cards for explanation, lacking the depth needed for effective user engagement.

Starter Kit Flow

The starter kit flow allowed users to request a pack of washbags for free, which they would use to conveniently organize their laundry. By offering these washbags as part of the starter kit, we aimed to remove friction from the user experience and demonstrate the practical benefits of our service.


In conclusion, the introduction of a starter kit delivery option, coupled with the implementation of an onboarding header section, proved to be an effective strategy for boosting first-order acquisition by 12%. By providing users with the necessary tools and guidance to experience our service, we not only increased engagement but also fostered long-term customer relationships.

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